Sometimes I am barely holding on

I try to post positive information for all of us going through chronic illness and pain. However I have to be honest and also let everyone know that there are days where I am just lost and cannot find a ray of happiness at all. We all are gonna have these moments. Sometimes we need to just have a good cry and accept it. We do need to try and get past it when possible. We cannot linger in the pain and sadness for too long or it will consume us. But when it happens we have to work our way through it, whatever it takes us to do.

We have to let our family and friends understand that we cannot just change this or do a hobby or listen to music, go shopping….nothing can change depression. It takes over and our brain cannot change it or send it away. We need to tell our family and friends that we have to just go through it and to please accept it and just be gentle with us. Please do not offer ideas of how to fix it.

I do take two kinds of medication that truly helps. I no longer spend day after day crying and not even knowing why. Now with the meds I have days that are just rather sad. No specific reason, it just happens and I have learned to accept it and hopefully the next day will be better. Living with constant pain takes its toll on each of us, even if we have pain medicine. There is never enough to truly get rid of all of the pain.

So to all my lovely friends who suffer like me, you are not alone and you can always send me a text. Cry, rant, rave….whatever you need to do. It is so important to have someone to share with that will listen and understand.

Gentle loving hugs to each of you,


This song truly expresses how I feel during those very sad moments