She only saw Beautiful

Someone is in the Sanctuary today, I overheard the humans say that she is looking for an Angel to adopt. I wonder if she might like me. I wonder if she will even look my way. I am not so special and I have some missing feathers. I don’t say many words and I don’t have any fancy dance steps. I am a very good girl though, and I have a lot of love to share with someone. Should I try to stand a little taller and fluff up my feathers a bit. Maybe she will notice me if I sit here looking as pretty as I can. There are so many other beautiful fully feathered birds here, why would she ever notice me.

Oh I see her coming, and she looks very nice. She has a special love in her eyes that I can see from here. Oh I hope she will stop and talk to me. I hope she will give me a scritch or two. Then she will see how gentle I can be. I hope she wont notice that I am not perfect. Maybe she wont mind that I can’t sing or do any tricks. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I sure would like to know her. Something about her just looks like a gentle human I would like to know. Maybe just maybe, she will be the one…. I have been waiting for such a long time now.

She is looking my way, she is smiling at me. Oh and she is coming closer, now is my chance to show her what a special Angel I can be! Could it be that she hasn’t noticed some of my feathers are missing? Maybe her eyesight isn’t so good, and she just can’t tell from across the room. She is still heading my way though, and getting very close. Oh could this be the one I have waited for? Maybe she wont mind that I am less than perfect? Will she be able to see past the missing feathers and know that my heart is still so full of Love and Hope?

She stepped right up next to me and smiled right at me! I could see tears gently filling up in her eyes and she said “Hello Beautiful”. Does this human see me differently? Has she not noticed that I am not as beautiful as some of the other birds here? She slowly reached to give my head a scritch. I closed my eyes and laid my head in her hand. I felt something so special, maybe this person will love me for who I am? Even if this only lasts for a minute, I want to remember it forever. This wonderful person is loving me right now. I feel the love inside of her as she caresses my head. Oh if only this moment could last forever.

She leaned in and whispered softly to me “would you maybe like to come home with me?” My heart jumped with joy, could it be that finally someone wants to love me? Could this beautiful human actually want to share her life with me? Will she change her mind, or notice another bird that is prettier than me? I trembled ever so slightly as I stepped up onto her arm, could this possibly be real? All of my fears quickly dissolved, as she and I walked away together. As I looked into her eyes, all I saw was love and I knew that she only saw me as Beautiful!

As we left the rescue that day, my heart was full of joy and sadness. While I had waited so long for someone to love me and finally found it, I also knew that there were so many others still waiting. For them I will pray every night that they too will find their special someone, who will see them as beautiful and a place in their heart forever!

I dedicate this story to Clementine, she will forever be in my heart and is now loved by Julie Brock who also “Saw her as Beautiful!”


Copyright © 2011 Deborah FeatheredAngels
All rights reserved
(My articles are free to repost, just do so in their entirety)

This story was inspired by the article I Rescued A Human Today by Janine Allen

73 thoughts on “She only saw Beautiful

      • I adoped a MacCaw just like that one with the same condition. I loved that bird!! We had her 8 or 9 years and we lost her due to an egg rupturing in her. I still miss her. I would take another in a minute. She was so sweet.

      • Deborah, you have such a way with your words, they touch the heart deeply, and I understand them, would love to meet you one day, as you must be a awesome person to know,,,Cindy Nichols At Angel Wings Parrot Rescue

      • Deborah,
        I live in Alaska and love birds. I have always wanted to own one maybe two. As a little girl I lived in Texas and I had Cockatiels and parakeets. They where amazing. Do you know of any bird rescues here in Alaska? If not, are we allowed to adopt from other states? Thank you so much Amy 💞💞

      • It is a difficult process to adopt out of other states, let me see who is in Alaska and hopefully somewhere close for you to travel to. Bless you for wanting to adopt hun ❤


      • Absolutely amazing and touching story. The “inner” beauties are the ones I always fall for too! They actually have a little more love to give!

  1. Wow this is so touching, making my eyes leak. Clemmie is a beautiful girl as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So many other special birds out there, may they all find their forever home. Thanks Deborah FeatherAngels for this special tribute.

  2. And we walk by faith and not by sight. This is a wonderful and moving tribute to someone who listens with her heart and not with her eyes. Thank you to Earth Angel Julie who will be blessed with the love of Feathered Angel Clementine – and thank you for posting this very special story. And may we all be blessed with a Feathered Angel who choses us.

  3. Deborah, it feels like you were right there with us… Thank you so much for such a beautiful story.. We love you! Julie & Clementine

  4. The story really hit me hard, definitely needed the tissues… Wow, the story was so beautifully written too…. I have also adopted 2 out of my 3 birds that I love so very dearly… I have 2 tiels and a Cockatoo…

  5. Wow, Clementine is a beautiful Angel. G-d made her just perfect. What would this world be if we only loved humans with a full head of hair? G-d bless Clementine and the human that she saved

  6. What a wonderful story! Who ever wrote it needs an award!!! If only all humans could see as this person does! To see as I do, as we all do here! Thank you so much for posting this story! I will share it with all I know!!!!

  7. What a beautiful person Julie Brock is..and Clementine ‘you are so beautiful’..may you both have a wonderful life together..Much Love xx

  8. Absolutely beautiful. It makes my heart sick to think of all the feathered and furry babies out there waiting….thank you for sharing this. I will pass it on.

  9. my heart breaks too see somthing like that what people fail to see is a beautiful heart all birds can have i will pray my heart out for them all

  10. Aunt Deborah, I wanted to let you know that my Mama (oh, I’m so happy to say that) is in the process of having this framed… We’ll send a pic to you when we get it! Feeling so loved and happy… Clementine…

  11. beautiful story deborah, i am so happy for clementine – thank you so much for sharing this and to clementines new mom for seeing this baby for herself

  12. Such a beautiful story for a beautiful bird. So glad I am home reading so that I can let my tears flow freely. I want to kiss that little head!!

  13. Thanks for the share, love having happy tears. ( tissues go both ways )
    Sending love to Clementine and Julie from the whole flock :o)

  14. If only there were angels for all of the needed birds and other animals waiting for that one person that will love them unconditionally.we need to remember this bout our fellow man also.we r all special in our own way.I pray I come into some money to build a aviary santuary to take in as many as I dogs,they give back soo much more than what u do for them.I have rescued these babies and haven’t regretted it for one moment!

  15. This has been dedicated to me and my beautiful Diva Clementine… I can’t believe the changes in her as I sit here and watch her dancing.. She’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be in a home…. and loved…. Thanks, Deborah, for expressing our story better than I ever could…

  16. A wonderful story, brought a tear to my eyes. I really respect people like you who can appreciate the inner beauty of these great and magnificent creatures.

  17. How could you not cry? I am so happy that Clementine found her forever home. But I am also so very, very heartbroken to know there are so many, many more out there waiting for a family to love and to be loved.

  18. I can only imagine how happy and loved Clementine is now! First I heard the music, then I saw the picture, then I read the story, then I went through a box of Kleenex! LOVE IT!!! I wish I should save (love) all of them!

  19. Between the song that played and the intense words, I was a complete mess, had to use my shirt as a quick tissue, that was so well put together! Every parrot has its own story, so similar, some worse some easier but all in all they are all stories and they all make me cry. I love my babies and they will share my space in life until God calls me or them home. Thank you for this story.

  20. There have been so many new comments. Ms. Clementine and I would like to thank you ALL.. We’re coming up on our 1 yr anniversary, soon! She’s such a joy…. Very independent, not a “cuddly” bird… But that’s ok… She’s my BFF..

  21. OK.. I do want to mention that she IS a diva.. She only likes rap music… Gangsta preferably.. (although I don’t)… She loves her almonds and her special toy from her aunt Liisa (Sweetbeaks) ,,,, Deborah Featheredangels is her godmother and loves her as much as I do.. 🙂 Ms. Clemmie is a character and I LOVE HER.. Watching her over the past year settle into “normal” has been an experience… We LOVE all of you for watching our story (Deb was on my shoulder) , but know that we are in a great place.. We just wish the same for all the rest of the beautiful birds out there in rescue!

  22. She is beautiful & I would have taken her in a heartbeat. What a beautiful story. Made me cry. Parrots are so smart.

  23. You had me crying in moments. Julie thank-you for loving this baby. My husband and I own “The Happy Parrot” and we help to re-home the big birds as so many need help in finding their “forever home.” We also see the beauty in each bird, no matter what they act or look like. Thanks again for loving her.

    • Lori, she’s a very easy girl to love. She actually said her first word about a month ago (and repeated it several times) Hello! She’s NEVER spoken before in almost 30 years. If she never does again, I’ll still be happy! 🙂

      • Julie… nice to meet you. I am Paula and I run a home based rescue in Quebec, Canada. People are always asking me if the bird has all his feathers. i have pluckers, and feather mutilators and they have become permanent members of the flock because of the bonding to me because I love them so. It is their personality, not their feathers and I cannot explain that to just anybody. I am sure Clemmie is going to talk up a storm – she is just starting to relax with you. She is beyond beautiful!

  24. Aww Clementine. I too think you are beautiful and actually was accepted a couple years ago to come and adopt you but I could not find a way to get out to you! I am sooo happy you have a new family and are loved and who think you are as beautiful as I do!!!

  25. I have stop breeding and closed down my pet store. I have parrots that I kept over the years similar to this. I hope when I leave someone will love them as much as we do. artM

  26. she’s so BEUTIFUL when I seen her pic I fell in love… I shed tears on this story that was the most touching story and blessed pairing .. im so thrilled she has a home to a wonderful family…. this is what its all about. … sniff .. now pass that tissue box around again please im out….. wendy

  27. I’m actually in tears of joy….I’m just so moved and touched and happy for her! My heart goes out to her! My Draco, blue & gold macaw, I rescued is half naked. But I see him inside and I think he is the most beautiful, stunning, amazing babyboy in the world!

  28. Aww, so reminds you beauty is found in the heart!! That everyone and everything can change on the outside..but a heart of gold is priceless!! : )

  29. This is so sad but true I wish more people could see how beautiful they are feathers or not Thank you for writing this It is beautiful

  30. How lovely! And you really had to hit us with “somewhere in time.” Sheesh. So happy for her, and for her person to see her beauty. Thank you for sharing. -Crepes.

  31. Such a sweet story, filled my eyes with tears of joy – just adopted a dog from a shelter, there is no love like this…
    Lots of love to Clementine and the woman, who saw the beauty within ❤

  32. Definitely needed tissues for this story I know what it’s like to own a few plucked parrots
    No matter what their problem or issue is that’s causing them to pluck they are more beautiful in my eyes than ever!! I

  33. What a beautiful, though extremely sad, story. I am so very happy for beautiful Clementine, and I hope that the other birds in need of loving homes will find them. Thank you for giving them your love and wonderful care. Nothing compares to the love for a companion animal. I would love to adopt, but there are no rescues where I live. I do my best to help indirectly.

  34. our little mikey is a nakey boy and as we see it, his nakeyness just makes it easier to find and love his perfect little soul ♥

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