Quarantine for Parrots

Adding a new parrot to a house with existing birds increases the risk of spreading avian diseases. Protect your flock with proper quarantine practices.

If you already share you life with parrots, then it is essential that you quarantine any new birds coming into your home for a minimum of 30 days, or preferably 45 days. Serious avian health problems can spread quickly from a new bird to your existing flock, leading to costly veterinary care and even the death of all your birds. Parrots are excellent at hiding illness, and they can appear perfectly healthy until the very last terminal stages. It also does not matter if you are adding a different species into your home, all birds can infect one another regardless of species.

Some birds can carry a disease and show no signs at all for months. Stress can bring out the symptoms, like moving to a new home. This is why it is imperative to have a complete Avian Checkup prior to bringing a new parrot into your home and then quarantine. Ideally this should happen in a completely different air space (such as a separate building), however this is impossible for most of us. To quarantine in the same house or building, you will want the new parrot as far away from your existing flock as possible. Keep in mind that air ducts can still carry disease from one part of your home to another. The room that your new parrot is quarantined in, should have the door kept closed at all times.

Always care for your existing flock first ie cleaning, feeding, playing etc. Then attend to your new parrot last, so you reduce the risk of carrying anything back to your existing flock. Throughly wash your hands and arms after any interaction with the new parrot. It is also advised to change your clothes since some germs can stay on clothing for hours after contact.

During quarantine, observe the overall conditions of the new parrot and examine their fecal matter. Any changes can warrant another trip to the AV for further testing. Should everything go well and your parrot seems to be healthy then it should be safe to introduce them to your existing flock. I go one step further and always do a follow-up exam after quarantine to make sure my AV also feels that nothing has changed in my new parrots health.


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