Memories on a Breeze

It was a warm and sunny afternoon,  a lovely breeze blew through open  windows and the tinkling of wind chimes faintly played their lullaby.  Her little eyes began to shut as the warm summer air ruffled her feathers ever so slightly. All the sounds of her home began to fade as she drifted into a little summer nap. She was so warm and cozy and began to feel a memory of something….maybe from long ago. Maybe this was just another dream or a memory that was not hers. It came from a place so very far away and while it seemed so familiar, she knew she had never seen this place before.  The air had such wonderful aromas and she could almost remember tasting the tropical plants and berries that she saw. She watched as many birds were playing in a nearby pool of water, while others seem to play a game of tag flying up and down and above the trees. It was so beautiful here and the birds flew so high, there were no ceilings to stop them or doors too keep them in. She had never flown so high before herself, and that thought of doing so, made her a little frightened. How would they get back down, who would be there to help them.  But as she watched these other birds flying, she saw how very happy they were, they had no fear as they flew and manipulated their way between the trees, it was as though it was something they had done all their lives.

She began to wonder where the humans were, Could it be that these birds were all by themselves. There were no cages for them to go back into. There were no food bowls, swings or perches. She became frightened for a minute, who would bring her food and make sure she was safe, how could she survive out here with no humans to care for her in this wild place. As she watched on though, she saw that none of the birds were afraid. She could feel their happiness and that this was their home. They were allowed to live freely and fly about as much as they wanted. That brought on another thought, she wondered who chose? Who decided, who would remain free and who would be in cages? The thought was perplexing and a bit sad. Why had it been decided she would live in a humans home, was she too weak to live in this wonderful place? Was she not like these other birds in some way. The thought only made her more sad and confused.

Another little breeze blew through her open window and she wakened from her little sleepy nap. She was once again in her safe home with her loving human, who took such good care of her.  She loved this person, they gave her good food and loving little snuggles and scritches. They made sure she was safe and healthy. They gave her everything she needed. However the memory of that other place lingered for a few minutes longer….. what a wonderful place that had been, she wished she could visit there again. She secretly wished she could live in such a place and fly as free and high as all those other birds.

Feathered Angels 2017

5 thoughts on “Memories on a Breeze

  1. She is flying over the land of her ancestors. But it seems so strange. How did they live here with so few trees? Where could they make their nests with only small trees here and there, none big enough for the cavity she needed to keep her eggs from the visibility of hawks and snakes? No trees big enough or tall enough to keep the humans from climbing up and steeling her young?

    What has happened?? Why have the humans removed the forest? Where can she shelter and live and feed? This is not like the land of her ancestors! It is a bleak, bulldozed world of single type veggitaion and no variety. She feels so tired. She is not used to this endless space with no large trees to rest on. The river is far and a strange color. Where can she go?

  2. That was so beautiful, but it also was sad. It made me cry, but I loved reading it and I am going to save it to reread it again and again.

    • Thank you, it is just a lil short story that came to my mind one morning in hopes that others can maybe see that birds do not belong in our homes.


  3. Really makes you think and hope that there is no sadness for our caged loves….Only a few short months since My Puffin went to heaven and I still miss him everyday…..27 years and with me every day of his life …..I hope that he never felt deprived and now is on that breeze you wrote about…

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