“Actions Speak Louder than Words”

I am their voice 3 for Paula

When we support a group, cause, organization or mission…we need to realize that our actions are a direct reflection on the very causes we are trying to promote. We here in the avian community represent many organizations, causes or missions. We strive to present our cause on behalf of all the birds who are in need. Rather it be educational, ethics, health, or raising awareness and funds for the large number of Rescues, Re-homing Organizations, and Shelters that are in desperate need. We are here trying to bring about awareness for our particular causes and in hopes of helping birds everywhere.

In being part of any of the wonderful groups out there, comes a bit of responsibility on our part. If we truly want to do everything we can to help share and promote then we also need to make sure that we are representing these organizations in a fashion that will draw in favorable attention. We need to be accountable for not only our Words but also our Actions. If we are hoping to share and receive empathy for these precious birds, then should we not also be conducting ourselves in a way that will shed a favorable light onto the very causes in which we represent?

We are All accountable. If we represent or support a group and then go about in other places spreading hateful agenda, then we are hurting the very causes that we profess to be wanting to help. Our actions speak volumes on the type of people we are. If we are going about gossiping and trying to hurt the reputations of others who might be in a different group or organization, how is that going to be perceived by others. Will they feel that your cause is something they want to support or be a part of? In most instances the answer will be no.

Our own actions have a direct effect on whatever cause we work for. If we are viewed as gossipy and trouble making then that is the kind of people we are going to be attracting to the groups and this will not help in the least. So in conclusion, if you wish to be respected and thought of well and expect others to follow your causes,Then you must practice a code of ethics that include morals, dignity and honesty. Be accountable for your words and actions… The old saying is still true today “Actions Speak Louder than Words”. What you do is watched far more closely than what you say, because your actions speak your true intentions and feelings.

3 thoughts on ““Actions Speak Louder than Words”

  1. Very well written, truthful, timely and positive growth goal-oriented with desire to help mankind , pay ahead to Mother earth
    thank you kindly love how you write

  2. hi deborah
    not sure if this will go through or not. i had to take time off of FB /computer due to many issues regarding my medical problems. i changed my user name too.
    i am just now getting back to my life and having comcast coming tomorrow to install just the internet as this phone stinks. i am so very sorry that you are going through so much pain. hopefully you cn get some help to come in and help with your birds. i have 10 hours a week with my homemaker but she is just supposed to take care of me and not eliot. not that eliot would allow anybody to clean her cage or feed her. so i do my best . she is my life.
    anyhow i didn’t mean to make this a novel just started to ramble on
    i would like to continue getting your posts but don’t know how

    • I also am so sorry you have gone through so much as well hun. I appreciate your continued friendship. I havent made many new posts but if you are signed up on my site you will get them in your email.

      Love Deborah

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