Winning and Losing the War against Breeders from The Squawking Macaw

From The Squawking Macaw
written by Bob Kaegi


Over the past weeks and even years there has been a battle between us in the Avian Rescue Community and the Bird Breeders who continue to add more to the problem we are already aware of, and that is the overpopulation of parrots in the Pet Trade. A battle I may add which we in the rescue community are losing. Some may ask why we are not reaching them. Why are they not hearing us? Some of the answer is Greed, Selfishness, and simply, choosing not to look around and see the devastation they are causing. But there is another reason, one that is more destructive than the breeders themselves.

What could it be?

The answer can be found in what is happening within our own community. The division caused by one or more of these groups who do something that another group or individual doesn’t agree with. There are too damned many who feel they are the self appointed God’s of the Avian Community. There is no right or wrong way of doing things as long as the basics are followed. Proper diets, clean housing, vetting, safe enrichment, home inspections, education, and happy adoptions. As long as all the proper care is being given, what is really all the damned fighting really about?

I have talked too many of those in the “community” and they all agree the problem is simple….. Egos.

There are also too many who think that their way is the only way, or that their vet is the only proper vet. If you don’t follow their “Godly like advise” they will spew venom, and degrade you in whatever manner they can. Mind you there are those who may deserve some chiding because they are simply cons, who are no better than some of the breeders themselves.

Some perform Rescues, off the radar because of those who think they have to know everything that is going on in the community, or are entitled to know everything. Simply put, if they are not controlling it, they will be out to destroy it, along with anyone who supports or is involved in it. I call this Avian Terrorism. Sadly it has become a very real thing.


Many are so busy fighting WITHIN the Community they can’t focus on what really matters. Who would take anyone seriously if they are talking negatively about their own? Hell I wouldn’t…

It is only when WE can truly come together as a community, quit fighting with each other can we focus on the problem at hand. Hell those who are the paid professionals that don’t have our background with exotic birds look at us as a joke because we are too damned busy cutting each others throats. There isn’t a day I don’t read something negative about someone, by someone else or another group who is doing something wrong according to someone else….

We need to fix what is broken with ourselves, before we can make an effort to fix what is broken with anyone else.

There are so many hard working individuals and groups out there doing the “Good Work” and it pains the rest of us seeing them attacked for what? Doing what others preach about, but yet set on the sidelines and comment negatively about. Yes, that is the way to make friends and influence others in a positive manner.

Is it not enough when those who are trying to learn are jumped on and attacked for asking a simple question? But when someone steps up to help another bird, or birds they are attacked for doing such. It is no wonder they will not reach out for help.

We have no chance at winning the war outside of our own community until we can quit fighting amongst ourselves. We are all different in our making, and thinking. We will not always agree on everything that we do, or even how we do it. But as long as the focus is on the mission (i.e. the birds) and we are following the basics for their proper care, what does any of this matter from within?

I’d rather be focusing on the breeders, and groups who still continue to promote breeding, for the pet trade, instead of conservation, and caring for what already exists in the many Rescues and Sanctuaries. That is the battle worth fighting………..


Nothing else really matters… Or should matter.

Squawking Macaw 2015

Disclaimer: As the author of the Squawking Macaw the sharing of the material is allowed, but by doing so it is NOT a promotion, of any group, person or product. It is to be used for educational purposes only in its entirety. The Squawking Macaw does not endorse any entity other than that in the content for purposes of the article.


4 thoughts on “Winning and Losing the War against Breeders from The Squawking Macaw

  1. Let me say Thank You for posting this, and many of the other past posts, even before starting my blog. Now that being said it was you who conned me into doing it, but also you have been my inspiration in taking such a project on. More times than not I find my self biting my tongue, while writing many of these posts. Which makes writing the positive pieces all the more enjoyable….

    Thanks Deb…. and Curse you too….

    With much Love….

    The Squawking Macaw…..

  2. ego is clearly a problem but if you look where the rubber meets the road there’s no single voice “on point” for avian rescue – this linkedin pet related group has more the 40,000 memebers – I’m the ONLY avian voice in the group and our theme is soultions regardless of the cage bird’s history but DOZENS of dog rescue posts

    I have a caged bird centic ebay fan page with almost 300,000 fans – there is no discussion of rescue going on.

    I don’t know if you’re aware but most breeding of parrots is technically illegal because the Endangered Species Act – I commit a felony every time we take Popcorn our cocktiel to Indiana with us on the weekends – I write about that here:

    Rescues aren’t fixing this – government isn’t fixing this – I’m open to ideas


  3. I like what is said here I have looked at a couple rescues and I will tell you now why the rescues will never stop the breeders it is very simple economics example cockatoos, African grays, and Macaws. the rescues i have checked into for possibly adopting from first off want breeders prices for the birds but on top of that want to go thru a process like child services for them to determine if they think I am suitable enough in their opinion to adopt one of their parrots. now i am not against the idea of making sure the birds go to a good home but this is being taken to far to be honest. on top of that they want to charge a non refundable application fee which is not considered a down payment towards possibly getting a bird which mean on top of the inspections and back ground checks they want on average 1500 dollars for adoption fees and as high as 100 dollars for the nonrefundable application fee. now tell me be 100 percent honest I can get any of the three types of birds I mentioned for that 1600 dollars with out all of the bs the rescues I have looked into will put me thru which in all reailty adds up to additional exspences on me to try and maybe get a bird vs 1600 and I get a bird with no maybe. I do understand the rescues do have over head they have to pay for and i am very aware that what i have just stated is a big part of why there are so many birds ending up in rescues people buying birds with out doing their research. I my self have never bought a bird from a pet store or a breeder. but I have not gotten any from rescues either in a lot of ways you can say I have rescued the birds I do have from going to rescues. RESCUES NEED TO ASK THEM SELVES THIS IF YOU ARE CHARGING AS MUCH FOR ADOPTION FEES AS BREEDERS DO TO SELL A BIRD HOW ARE YOU ANY DIFFERENT AND DO NOT USE THE INSPECTION AND BACK GROUND CHECKS FOR ADOPTIONS FOR YOUR ANSWERS BECAUSE AN AWFUL LOT OF THOSE BIRDS ADOPTED FROM RESCUES ALSO END UP BACK IN RESCUES,

    • I work with many of the rescues across the US and I have not heard of prices as high as you have listed here. However that being said, when you adopt from a reputable rescue you can be assured that the bird will have been vetted …. and that is not something you will get from a pet store. I know for a fact that none of the rescues I work with make any sort of a profit. Once you figure in the cost of vetting, food, toys…there is nothing left over. Now length of time stayed at the rescue always makes the cost go up even further. One annual avian vet check up is approx. 300.00. A reputable rescue never makes a profit, in fact they mainly survive off of donations and their own dollars. I will agree that some birds do come back to the rescue, and this is far better than the alternatives that happen to some unwanted birds. It may not be a perfect system but I applaud those doing this work on a daily basis, trying to help the over population crisis.

      So you asked if there is a difference….one is done for a profit…one is done out of Love….yes there is a difference. If a rescue is making a profit, then they are not truly doing this out of love and I have no regard for them whatsoever. If they are truly selling the birds at the costs that you mention and doing all the vetting, they most likely are still not making a profit. So what is the answer, how on earth should we help the thousands of birds setting out there is rescues and sanctuaries? And those are the lucky ones. How do we stop the process of these precious creatures from living this tossed aside life? Your post seems to suggest that they should be given away to the first person who wants them, will this help or just continue the cycle once that person is tired of the bird, overwhelmed because they were not educated, shutting the bird in a garage or basement because of the noise, mess and cost???

      I do not run a rescue, but I do work closely with helping place unwanted birds on a weekly basis. I have helped to organize transfers/caravans and many other means of transportation to get even one bird into the safety of a rescue. I have looked into the eyes of these terrified birds and have seen their plea, confusion and fear! I am not going to even pretend that all rescues are the same, some are good and some are in it for a profit as you mentioned. I know the folks who do this out of love, they are not making any profit and in fact going into debt trying to help solve the ever growing over population issue. I have talked with these folks and heard their own tears and struggles trying to do what is right for these birds. It may not be a perfect system and I welcome anyone to come up with a better one!

      If you sell a bird to the first person with the cash…..then you are in this for the profit and care nothing about the bird
      If you are vetting, feeding, providing toys and trying to educate, prior to allowing someone to take a bird home…then you are in this for the birds

      That is the difference!

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