My Thoughts on “responsible” breeding of parrots

I was reading a discussion on responsible breeding of parrots and how some breeders are very careful in who they sell their babies to. It also went on to say how much they love those babies and how careful some are in screening possible owners. As I look around at the thousands and thousands of homeless birds in rescues and sanctuaries, I have to wonder how anyone can ever argue that there is such a thing as responsible breeding? You can ask all the questions you want of possible buyers but these parrots live long lives and lets face it the longevity of these birds far exceeds what most people are willing or able to commit to. Even with the very best of intentions…lives change, circumstances change, people die, grow up, move, have financial changes….the list goes on and on. No matter what kind of questions are asked prior to purchasing a bird, the bottom line is that there is no way of telling if that person will truly keep that bird forever and in fact it is almost impossible to expect it will happen. How many birds have lost their owners due to them dying. It is a harsh fact of life and happens frequently. The rescues are crowded now and with each passing year it seems they are taking in more and more birds. I know it would be impossible to find out the beginnings of each of these birds, however they were all bred somewhere. I highly doubt only the “irresponsible” breeders are the ones to blame for the overpopulation crisis. The simple fact is that birds live very long lives and while many people have the very best of intentions when they purchase a bird….more than likely that bird…no matter how loved it once was…will end up being rehomed at some point in its life.

Now I am not so naive as to think that breeding will ever end. Sadly I am sure it wont due to the fact that it is a very profitable business. Breeding is never done for the love of these precious Angels. If a breeder loved these babies so much…they would never send another precious Angel out there on a journey that will most likely end up in heartbreak for them. The only responsible breeding is done through conservation and not for profit.

I cannot stop breeding, or it would have been done! However I will continue to Educate, Share and Pray for these Angels each and every day of my life. I implore you to do the same.

Some Say we can’t save them all….I say WE can Try!

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1967

Deborah Denee


6 thoughts on “My Thoughts on “responsible” breeding of parrots

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  2. Yes I agree we can try to help them all , find more foster homes get more volunteers. I saw so much while i was doing my rescue Deborah, I did everything i could do. My birds were well cared for. they were clean and happy. I used to have a vet come in periodically and a groomer. But yet I had to put up with a lot of BS – Why? I don’t know why wish i did. Maybe it was jealousy because i was able to keep my head above water? I wish i Didn’t have to retire from rescue, but i am glad that the stressful part of it is over. I was allowed one bird when i moved here to Senior housing. It was a big choice to make, but i chose Miss Eliot as she was the one that needed me the most. The One least likely to get adopted and have a good life. To me she is beautiful Not any feathers on her chest and back.
    She is my baby girl . anyhow i am starting a novel here, my apologies and i would understand if you didn’t approve this

  3. would you mind if i used this letter in a section of our local community magazine. back yard bird breeding has become an unavoidable problem here in Australia with increasing numbers being surrendered to or rescued by the RSPCA for rehoming or euthanasing. as you rightly point out, due to parrot longevity the situation can only get worse. your letter was a well rounded approach to an issue which provokes a great deal of defensiveness. regards Nan

    • You are more than welcome to use this article and it is written by myself and it is my pleasure to share everything I write in hopes of helping parrots everywhere…the more we can reach the better our chances.


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