Sock Sweater Design



this was shared by Jacqueline Bedsaul Johnson from Best Friends Animal Society – Parrot Garden on Facebook

You can also visit there site here Best Friends Animal Society


4 thoughts on “Sock Sweater Design

    • I know many many people who have severe pluckers and mutilators who have a very close bond with their caregivers and allow them to put on this and many other types of protective vests.
      It does depend on what type of relationship you have with your bird. If your bird does not have this kind of bond with you, maybe you would want to work on building that trust more. It
      definitely isn’t something that one could do with a bird that doesn’t allow a lot of touching. I have some that I could easily put this on if needed, one would be my Cockatoo. I could probably put this on my Macaw as well, both have been with me awhile and we have worked on a lot of trust. You can look in my behavior section and find more articles on working with your parrot. I do understand though that not everyone is going to be able to put one of these on their birds.

      • My little plucker , a Goffin’s cockatoo, was wild-caught and is about 30 years old. We got him from a rescue group who took him in following several years of abuse & neglect. I’m building trust, and he adores me, but we haven’t quite gotten that far.

      • it can take quite awhile but I am sure you are doing an amazing job with him. If I can do anything to help, feel free to contact me 🙂

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