Listen with your Heart

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8 thoughts on “Listen with your Heart

  1. Oh so sad. People can be so horrible. Unfortunately not every parrot has these happy endings and as you strongly advise people need to adopt. I’ve learned a lot over the past years & I have a rehomed jardine who is so happy now & we love him. I have the room,love & the time for another one. Seems like I can’t find anything in my area (NH) I really would love to open my home to another! They are my passion & my world!

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do. I have a b&g that is a rescue. She hadn’t started to pluck or mutilate I think we got to her just in time. It took about a year for her to trust me. It’s been a wonderful journey from where she was 8 years ago to today. She has become a loving baby with some quirks but such a sweet girl.

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