Andy’s Journey by Kim Hannah

This is Andy. He had several self mutilating wounds which led to high white blood cell counts due to infection when he was first rescued.

He lived with his first family for twenties years . After his family died, he was given to a care taker of the family and kept in a dog kennel in a pasture for five years where he was occasionally given seed and moldy water. He then came to live with a breeder who claims he came to her in this state. He would not breed, so she had no “use for him”. He was terrified. She
also stated that the bird never went to a vet to be checked nor had been provided any medical care beyond sunflower seeds and dirty water.

He was taken to the vet immediately upon being picked up for testing and evaluation. High white blood cell counts were
recorded. After further testing, Andy was hospitalized for a week and provided several oral medications. Andy also had several blood pulls and x-rays. I spent thousands of dollars getting him back on the road to recovery.

The last 6 years of his 26 years of life had been grim.

He has been with me since 2007 now and is thriving. He will never grow his feathers back in due to the follicle damage he has done to himself, but as you can see in the last pictures he looks so much better now!!


Andy is one of the fortunate ones that found someone to love and care for him properly. He shares his life with Kim Hannah, who truly understands and loves him. Kim has been actively involved in rescuing parrots for years. She works actively in helping to educate the public on parrot care and awareness. She also owns Parrots and Paws Pet Sitting

You can view all of his pictures here on FB


3 thoughts on “Andy’s Journey by Kim Hannah

  1. So heartbreaking to learn of Andy’s terrifying life; I could barely look at his photos through my tears. Heartbreak was replaced with joy as I learned that his journey landed him in the care of someone to love, nurture, & protect him from further horrors. Kim, words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for loving Andy & teaching him that he can trust again. There is no greater feeling than looking into the eyes of a frightened bird and eventually earning that trust. Andy looks wonderful, and I hope he is with you for many more years to come. Thank you so much:) Many hugs to you and Andy . . .

  2. Kim is an angel and truly saved this precious soul! It breaks my heart to contemplate all he went through before he was loved again! Thank you for publishing Andy’s amazing journey, Deborah, and for one again raising awareness of the plight of these long-lived beings in captivity!

  3. This story had a happy ending but so many don’t. This is why it is SO important to plan for your pets in your will or better yet in a pet trust!

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