Horrors from a backyard Parrot Mill

This is the little girl that we managed to get a “breeder”, to surrender. We were trying to get her other birds but she would not let them go. The conditions were some of the worst I have seen.

This Macaw, named “Baby”, was hatched in 96′. She was never given perches so she hung on the side of her rabbit wire cage. Our vet said that because of this the tendons to her feet slipped pulling her feet up. Since she received no medical care the bones of her feet and legs fused. She now has to walk on her hocks and her feet are useless. She can not climb or perch.

This story was shared by a friend Kail Marie, I promise to do more research and share as I update. Baby’s story will not be forgotten!


One thought on “Horrors from a backyard Parrot Mill

  1. 😦 that poor, sweet bird. Thank you for sharing Baby’s story, Kail Marie. People need to know what being used for breeding can do to a bird. Thank you Deborah for posting this.

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