3 thoughts on “Saving the Troy Parrots by Dennis Bohn

  1. Where are these birds now? Are they still ok? Can I offer my help with fostering? PLEASE let me know… My eyes have been opened to the plight of parrots and I feel a bit guilty that I have my feathered children, I worry what will happen to them constantly. Long story short I really want to be part of the solution. I got my Military Macaw and Sun conure after a long illness and my Cherry Headed Conure as a Christmas gift… my Quaker was given to me by an acquaintance that received her as a gift.. oh yeah she is blind from being ill cared for by said previous owner she was brought to me in a shoe box and they offered to sell me her tiny cage.arrrrgh what a jerk PLEASE allow me to become part of the solution. ps ALL my babies are NOT caged and they are my constant companions.

  2. I can’t see that anyone has replied to the above question yet. If I’ve over looked it, I apologize. Where are these birds located now? How can we help? Either by volunteer work if we are close enough or with donations? Thanks in advance for any updates that are available.

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