You’ll Be In My Heart-Phil Collins (Animal Rescue)

Simply beautiful, and I dedicate this to all of those who rescue these tiny precious souls.

No Truer words were ever spoken…..

“The Greatness of a Nation and it’s Moral Progress can be Judged by the way it’s Animals are Treated”. Mahatma Gandhi 1869 – 1948


2 thoughts on “You’ll Be In My Heart-Phil Collins (Animal Rescue)

  1. Thank you for the lovely music. Sitting here with me are 3 rescue dogs and 2 of my 8 rescue parrots. (The others will have their turns in a few min.) All of my parrots have physical problems. Only having 1 working leg or no feathers on its front DOES NOT MEAN they don’t have a heart full of love. Willa

    • Willa you are so correct 🙂 and honestly some of the most precious souls come in less than perfect packages.

      When we look into their eyes, and allow their hearts and souls to speak to us….that is when we truly know what beauty is!


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